Art from Singapore

Singapore was hot and steamy and, in the right places, bursting with colour and street life. It is also full of glossy …

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Art from Down Under

If you wondered where this blog went over the last four weeks, the answer is, Perth, Margaret River, Singapore and Bali. I …

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Moody Blue strippy graffiti quilt

Where do I get my ideas?

Steve Jobs famously said that creativity was joining the dots. So, when someone asks me where I get my ideas from it’s …

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New! Big Dream Street Food Series

Finally, after three physio sessions and whole packets of Co-Codamol and Ibuprufen, my whiplash symptoms have remitted enough to let me back …

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Image setting screenshot

How to use WordPress Image settings

I confess, I have been winging this for far too long. So today, I decided to get educated and find out what …

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Thread on quilt

What’s in my pocket?

    My studio has been an activity free zone for nearly two-weeks now. I was in a rear end shunt on …

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10 thoughts on pricing art…

This weekend some dear friends and I were debating how to price art. I know. That old chestnut. But it got me …

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Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 08.37.50

With a little help from my friends

I am pleased to be a member of a relatively new group called Etcetera. We are a group of textile artists spread …

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Graffiti 1

Art and ‘sticky plastic thinking’.

Some of the genetic inheritance I received from my father is not that welcome (wide hips, arthritic knees, wrinkly knuckles, squishy nose …

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‘Sketchbooks’ – Never say never.

What’s the right word? Sketchbooks. Workbooks. Sample books. Notebooks. Design books. Whatever. It didn’t really matter to me in the past because …

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