2017/5 Walled in

Walled in: 2017/5

As anticipated when I started this project, I am posting a little behind the weeks of the year, but that’s OK because the aim was not to actually work weekly but to work constantly on a series over a year of 52 pieces and to have it there as a springboard to jumpstart creativity when I needed it. The aim is not necessarily to have perfect art but to have 52 experimental   works as a record of ideas to return to.

When I made this piece there was lots of thoughts in my head about walls.  Not just supposedly self-funding Mexican ones, but also the wall in Israel which I may get to see soon and which has graffiti on it, the so called- peace Wall which divided Belfast in the days I would travel over to N Ireland frequently. and then the Berlin wall which inspired my graffiti work in the first place.

I was thinking about words like; blocked, demolished, barriers, censorship, breaching. I was thinking about how you can erect barriers with words as much as bricks, but people can still see through them. I was contemplating how walls have two sides to them. If you put up barriers to keep people out, be they physical or psychological, who is the one losing out – the people freely associating on the outside, or you, walled up with your fears on the inside?

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