Handicap 2017/4

Handicap – 2017/4

Careful examination of this piece will reveal not just the usual underlying graffiti but scribbled calculations and equations. These reflect the fact that a lot of time was wasted by me this week trying to get into my head the complicated methodology for calculating a CONGU golf handicap. Sometimes my art is erudite comment about the world. Sometimes it’s just me getting my crap out of my head.

It is, however, always about learning and experimenting and trying to be better whilst often taking a step backwards to get forward. It’s about a preoccupation with refining a process,  about finding my own motivation, about identifying the internal measures of success. It’s actually much like golf. Both are all about being the best person I can be, about discovering abilities I never knew I had, about finding communities and the pleasure of learning and growing though goal setting.  Not every  2017 diary piece, not every nine holes will be as I envisaged, but each one is a stage in the journey.


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