It eludes me – 2017/3

The above image is a cheat. It is fake. It looks good but it’s not a real room and my work of art is not that big. It’s just a twelve by twelve inch piece like all my other 2017 diary pieces.  This is a photo of my piece ‘It eludes me.’ dropped into a virtual room at disproportionate scale. I like it though. It encourages me to think that my art can be different. It gives me a vision of who I could be as an artist, of how I could progress, of what I could achieve. By enlarging my work and imagining it placed somewhere it really doesn’t yet fit, whilst all the time acknowledging the trickery, it pulls me forward to the day when that large canvas does exist and deserves a space in a room such as this.

That kind of aggrandising is called ‘visualisation’. It is about imagining how things could be. About setting your sights ahead and, knowing you are not there yet, setting off on the journey with a destination in view. About seeing something beautiful that does not exist, and setting an intention to create it.  It’s a powerful and legitimate tool to gain earned success.

Then there are other kinds of aggrandising. Exaggerating, lying, telling ‘alternative facts’. Believing you are qualified when you are not. Embroidering not cloth but competence. Placing yourself where you have no prowess to be. That kind is about bragging, about prating and grasping and grabbing. It is a hollow mimicry of true success.

I have been thinking about why, if one had the choice between the former and the latter, a significant number of people choose the latter.

It eludes me.

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