Artist statement

My current work is  inspired by urban street art and graffiti writing.  If I am not in the studio, I am often traipsing the world, making companions stop, so I can photograph tagged walls and peeling post-ups. I lean precariously out of taxi windows to capture images of graffiti tags. Tracing the shapes and lines in city maps can occupy me for hours. I am fascinated by the stories of people’s lives and their cultures, with immigration and city decay and regeneration.  Brick lane, London, Trastevere, Rome and Kreuzberg, Berlin in particular have been rich sources of inspiration for my current graffiti-inspired art.

In my latest work I piece or collage cloth bearing fragmented marks and partial text, making compositions and adding detail with spontaneity. I explore how language, fading memories and fractured communication affects our understanding and acceptance of others whose lives are different to ours or with whom we find ourselves in conflict.  Much of my work deals with transition, boundaries and juxtaposition both visual and cultural.

I play with conflict – between the norms in different societies, between the then and now of changing cities,  between soft textiles and harsh urban street art and I look for the ‘place between’ – the place where accommodation, resolution and understanding can be found. I love to find new art by putting two found images close together and looking for the detail.

I paint fabric with acrylics, graffiti it with oil pastel, graphite fluid acrylics or spray paint. On some pieces I stamp it with woodblock letterforms, add thermofaxed images from my own photography or paper collage or hand write on it. My original cloth is cut and reassembled  then machine quilted before final surface design is added to make the finished art.

Often the graffiti on my cloth is an expression of my personal thoughts which, as they become fragmented, become illegible and so open to reinterpretation by the viewer. Just as street art changes with the elements and cities appear different over time, my art may look different when viewed from your alternative perspective.

I  work from  two purpose built studios in my home in St. Helens, Merseyside UK. I am a member of SAQA, Etcetera, Fibre Artists for Hope and Twelve by Twelve.

I am represented by Dot-Art Gallery in Liverpool and Levantine Gallery, Jerusalem.


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