At the End They Remain – Interactive Graffiti Project Piece

At the end, they remain
At the end, they remain – Final piece from Interactive Graffiti Project, Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery  97 x 60 cm


In October I conducted two interactive workshops at Stockport war Memorial Art Gallery. Participants used my painted fabric and paints to make their own collages. Some were works of art in their own right and were taken away by the participants. Others were left with me to be used to make a new work of art.

I thought I had an idea for the work before we started which would easily allow me to combine disparate collages. However, that had to change rapidly when the curator asked if I could make something Remembrance Day themed. As soon as she said It I recalled the half made Monte Camino series ( which I have blogged about for the last five days) which were tucked away in a corner of my studio. Katherine, the curator was immediately enthusiastic about showing those over the Remembrance Day weekend, so I had my work cut out finishing them quickly!

The interactive project, therefore, became the final piece in that series and was based on a sketch I made of the cairn at the top of Monte Camino in Italy. The cairn remembers the fallen of the Grenadier Guards and the Scots Guards in the two battles which took place there in late 1943. I took a trip there with my parents’ to trace my Grandfather’s war experience. He survived ( although lost a leg) but we held a private memorial service at the cairn to remember him and also his many fallen comrades.

The collage pieces ended up being overpainted a little to give them some homogeneity and then used as the stones in the cairn. The collage work the participants did give them fabulous texture and interesting marks and are certainly inspiring me to do some more work along the same multi-layered lines, even if the stitching through several layers of fabric and paint was a bit tricky at times.

This quilt has been donated to the Stockport War Memorial Gallery who are going to auction it for charity. It will be on show with the Monte Camino Series at the gallery over the Remembrance Day weekend.


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