It takes a village to put on a show.

        Entrance to the show with my art











The latest exhibition by my group Etcetera opened at Ryedale Folk Museum yesterday and will run until 7th May. The museum is in Hutton-le-Hole, in North Yorkshire.

This is our second show together and we have another coming up at Stockport Art Gallery in September. Then of course there is my first solo show in May in the View Two Gallery in Liverpool. All of which means I am learning a lot about the mechanics of putting a show together, whilst not necessarily doing it myself!

With the Etcetera shows we have had help from two children of members, Roz Bunter and Callum Higgins who are talented graphic designers and picture framers. We have tapped into the expertise of their studio members to get the wall lettering made and the leaflets risographed. (Thank you Textbook Studio). My fellow group members have travelled some distance to do the donkey work of putting the art up – that’s mine, right at the entrance above.

whole room
                            View of the whole exhibition











It wasn’t straightforward by all accounts. The paint on the walls were chalkier than they anticipated and the lettering would not stick until the walls were scrubbed and dried. Isobel Holland has work which is glow in the dark and there were technical problems with the LED lighting in her ‘black box’ that meant Leah Higgins had to do an emergency fix run back to Rydale yesterday. I have her to thank for these images too.

julie and linda
                      Work by Julie Bunter and Linda Bilsborrow











With my forthcoming solo show, Urban Scrawl, the gallery have offered to do the work of the hanging while I go on holiday, and Jamie at Concrete Films is doing some of the publicity work.

So, overall I was beginning to feel a bit guilty about not pulling my weight. Which is why I was delighted to learn that I have been allowed to go to a 90% contract at work which gives just a little more leeway to allow me to participate in some of these set up days and to become more proficient myself in setting up a show. Our next one is in September at the Stockport Art Gallery and I have the day booked off already!

Meanwhile, back in Rydale, Admission to the art gallery is free. We will be running a few meet the artist events as below and I am surely colleagues would love to see you there.

Saturday 26th March: Linda Bilsborrow and Sandra Wyman
Sunday 17th April: Julie Bunter and Sandra Wyman
Saturday 23rd April: Leah Higgins and Linda Bilsborrow


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