Picture Stockport Project – my new workshops.

I am delighted to have been invited by Manchester Histories and Stockport Council to be one of the five artists leading public workshops for the Stockport Picture Project.

The Project started with images of selected art works and originals being placed in high profile locations back in February 2017, including libraries, museums, Merseyway Shopping Centre and Stockport Market Place, and on-line through the Picture Stockport website. There was also a trail where people could walk around Stockport Town Centre and discover the different art works.  The people of Stockport and beyond then voted for their favourite image and the top eight images (see the winners on website above), have been identified and will now be re-imagined by artist and communities.

Viaduct – a chosen images for Picture Stockport

Some workshops are especially for community groups but four are also open to the public (but limited to 15 participants) including mine which will be at the Stockport Central Library on 22nd April and 13th May from 10.30 -12.30.  In my workshops we will be looking at the the participant’s emotional responses to and memories arising from the chosen images and then exploring how to express those feelings and thoughts with graffiti like lines and marks. We will also look a little at how to abstract a representational image and think about how when you combine different memories ( or segments of pieces of art work) you can get an entirely new perspective. (The other two public workshops will also be at that venue with poet Louise Wallwein from 11 – 1 pm.)

After the workshops have taken place the artists will work with the material produced in the workshops and produce a finished art work. There will then be an exhibition of the original images and the reimagined works at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery. The preview date is Thursday 23rd June 2017 6.00 pm and the work will stay on view for a month.  

The Crown Inn – a chosen Image for Picture Stockport

The other artists are

  • Louise Wallwein, an award winning Poet/Play-write/Film maker from Manchester.Her plays have been broadcast by the BBC, graced the stage of Sydney Opera House, Royal Exchange and Contact Manchester and toured the UK with Red Ladder Theatre Company
  • Caro C an artist, engineer and facilitator in sound. Caro uses sound art to engage with a wide range of community groups to produce people driven music/sound that stimulates different responses and reactions to objects, works of art, the environment, spaces and places 
  • Lisa Risbec/Jodie Silverman working collaboratively. Lisa is a visual artist maker, working in a variety of media and interested in arts for health and wellbeing whilst Jodie Silverman is a Manchester based Figurative Artist and Art Psychotherapist

I had so much fun working with the public when I did my workshops in Stockport last year and also learned so much from them to bring into my own studio practice so I can’t wait to see what comes from not only my workshops but those of the other artists as well.


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