New exhibition diary!

Do you ever go to an art exhibition and wonder: How did they do that?

Maybe you can’t see how they got the idea for the art. Or how they achieved a particular effect. Or maybe, like me, you are forever watching out for security people then trying to peer into the 3mm gap between wall and art to see how they hang it. Or maybe you have a flyer or a catalogue in your hand and want to know how it was designed and printed.

How did they get the venue? What did they put in their proposal? How did they come to the price for that picture? Where on earth do they get the time? Why don’t they just lose track of what they are doing? Where did they get the title for the show? How did they find other artist to work with? What went wrong? Were there tears behind the scenes? How long ago did they start? What brand of paint did they you use? So many questions to ask! But the artist is hardly ever there to chat to, so you go away with them unanswered.

Shirley Moore ponders art at my Urban Scrawl Show


Last year I did my first solo show called Urban Scrawl and as I went along I did a little Facebook diary showing snippets of everything I did. To my delight you seemed to find it worth reading. Delight because the interaction kept me going and gave me an international community to share with and be supported by.  So, I am doing it again. On Steroids.

In March – May 2018 I will be exhibiting with Leah Higgins at the World of Glass in St.Helens. We have the large Gallery One and the show will be called TRACES. We are also doing a different exhibition at the huge upstairs gallery at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery. that will be called FRAGMENTS.The dates for that are just being confirmed but it may be May 2018, right off the back of Traces, or, it will, if fortune smiles on us, be September 2018 and we might get a holiday between the two! The galleries are, as you can see from the images in this post, very different with St.Helens being super-modern and Stockport being in a traditional building built to house a cenotaph but offering wonderfully large wall space.

The Upper Gallery, Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery

We are super excited, very focused and – I’ll admit it – just a little bit aware that this is an awful lot bitten off to chew at once. Especially as I am also in a group show with Dot Art in Liverpool in October. Oh, and I do have that day job. And a golf obsession. What’s that? Oh yes. Dennis says I have a husband to consider too. (He’s the one who keeps me fed while I am in my garret and stays a wake when I have a sudden need to talk gibberish abut my latest idea at midnight!)

So, the plan is to revive the diary habits for both shows. Here’s how you can follow along and see how both shows comes together.

(a) Facebook

I will be doing little snippets of my diary – micro-blogs, I guess – of my activities and progress with studio images on my Facebook page several time a week.

(b) This Blog

Then you will get longer more explanatory articles here  on my blog dealing more in depth with some of those practical questions and showing more of the art work and ideas behind it. I’ll try to do that at least fortnightly maybe a little more frequently.

(c) Newsletter

Then, there will be extra stuff – more of the mindset and technology aspects probably – on my email newsletter which comes out a very erratic six-eight weekly. (But I am working on making that a more regular six weeks and this might just be the motivation!) You might want to sign up for that here if you want the full picture. That diary will tell you a little bit more about what its like to BE an artist rather than what I am DOING. It’s where you will see even more of me the person and my innermost thoughts and feelings ( and doubts and fears) about the exhibitions. (I save that for those of you in my inner circle!)

(d) Twitter and Instagram

I’m not so good at Twitter. As you might imagine if you know me even a little through my blog. I don’t get on with being limited to 144 characters. But I need learn to be pithy and to the point and so I’m vowing to give it more of a go. You can find me @studioconway. You’ll also get some images over at Instagram under my art page helenconwaydesign.

The two exhibitions are different but will have to be prepared for together and so I’ll do separate posts for each with some joint ones probably. All the better to confuse you even as I too am confused!

I am really ( Really, REALLY!) hoping that you’ll follow along with us as we do that is and that you will send us any questions you have as we go along. You can contact me by leaving comments on any of the above social media accounts or by emailing me on my contact form here. I’ll respond to everything. Theres’ a shed load  of work goes into just one exhibition and then its on a wall in a local venue for such a short time. I am hoping that by doing this I can give so many more people  entertainment and interest ( and ideally inspiration and information to do it yourself) even if its a slightly different view of the show.  So, if you can share this post for me I’d be grateful. If you can follow along with me I’d be grateful. And if you could send me questions and comments, I’d be ecstatic.

In the next two posts, I’ll tell you a little more about the show contents and what we hope to be achieving in both Traces and Fragments.

Are you on board for the ride?

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