Art for confidence

I was having a crisis of confidence. I looked at my art work and I thought: cripes, its a mess. It’s a scribbly, stupid, horrible, messy, mess. So I told myself sternly that it was a matter of progress. That not every work would be good. And then I told myself that even if I could achieve the dream that was in my head, it would still be an abstract, meaningless, scribbly, simplistic, naive, splotchy, drippy waste of space that no sane person would say was art because their three year old could do it. I am not very nice to myself sometimes. And I know better. So to make it up myself I allowed me some playtime on Pinterest.

There, I found myself collecting artists who made art like I like. Art that is scribbly, simple, abstract, drippy, naive and simplywonderful. Art that a passerby might say a three year old could do but ended up in a gallery because, well, it made somebody’s  soul sing. And it wasn’t  done by a three  year old but by a talented adult who knew how to use all the principles of design, and how do so so effortlessly and without showing his or her knowledge,  that it looked like a three year old might do it. And no bad thing that was either. Sitting there, scrolling, pinning and keeping my cruel mouth shut, I had a jolly good time. So I thought I’d share with you some of the artists I found to check out. clicking on the subtitles will take you to the web pages shown in the screen shots.

Clem Crosby.

Lorna Crane 

Mayako Nakamura

Susan Ukola

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