Jerusalem photo- collages

I recently spent a week in Jerusalem with an apartment very close to the Old City. I expected that on our day trip to the West Bank and Banksy’s hotel, I would find lots of graffiti to photograph. However, I was totally unprepared for finding so much in the Old City itself.

Jerusalem Old City 1 – SOLD

The graffiti there is mostly either on the doors indicating mosques or is on the outside of the old, battered metal doors of the lock up shops, which themselves bear tantalising marks from use over the years. When the shops are open the shutters are opened and usually goods hung from them so the marks are not so visible.

Jerusalem Old City 2 – £80 mount only, £95 framed
14 x 18 framed *

Street signs and old posters added to the ‘raw material I collected’. Some in these collages came from the area of Nachlaot near the famous food market and also an Orthodox area where posters with local news are pasted to the walls. They were described to us as the ‘local equivalent of Facebook!’

Jerusalem Old City 3 – £80 mount only, £95 framed
14 x 18 framed*

My husband spent much of the trip standing patiently but a little confused and bemused as I photographed totally bizarre things. Now however he can see why! I don’t think I will ever get fed up of how combining  and overlapping snippets of  graffiti, age marks and text can result in something new.

Jerusalem Old City 4 – £80 mount only, £95 framed
14 x 18 framed*

The original intention was simply to take photos to inspire me when making painted or mixed media work but the collages turn out to look fantastic framed. Again, I doubt I will ever tire of how the right framing can enhance work.  I am getting requests for various printed derivatives of these pieces and I’ll also be working on some generic graffiti ones and some based on Liverpool images and probably eventually other cities too. Watch this space!


*all art sold via D Woodcock Art.

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