Monte Camino Series – Home, London

PartOne – Home, London: A while ago I went to Monte Camino In Italy, with my parents to visit the site of a World War Two battle in which my maternal grandfather, Eric Causey was injured. On my return I made a series of panels telling the story of his war experience. They will be shown in the Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery over the Remembrance Day weekend 2016. Each one will be the subject of a blog post over the next five days.

The story starts in London…


Home, London Monte Camino Series
Home, London (from the Monte Camino Series) 60 x 40 cm

Grandad was in the Scots Guards. He spent a period in Norway then was stationed in London at Chelsea Barracks. A few years before her death I asked my Granny, Dorothy Thompson Causey his wife, to write me the story of her war years.  She was also in London, enlisted in the WAAF and working with the Met Office. How better to tell the story of this panel then than to use her words:

“One evening all WAAF personnel were invited by the Scots Guards Division stationed at Chelsea Barracks to a dance at the Sergeants Mess – FREE! about a dozen of us went and through enjoyed ourselves. None of us had had the opportunity to dance for some time.

“Although I did not know it at the time this might was to prove a momentous one for me. In a Paul Jones I danced with one Corporal and recognised his excellence in ballroom dancing.  When the band started playing for the next dance another solider came over to me and said ‘My friend wants to know if you will dance with him again?’ My reply was ‘Well, if he comes and presents himself, I’d think about it.’ Believe it or not, your Granddad was very shy at that time. We did dance together and stayed together for the rest of the evening. As they were not allowed at that time to leave the barracks he escorted me to the gates to say Goodnight. He asked very politely if he could kiss me. We did and “Nightingales sang in Berkley Square.'”

As you will see in subsequent posts, this series all feature my Grandad’s army boots. Here I imagine him dancing and enjoying the better moments of the war. Read on over the next few days to find out the rest of the story…


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