Monte Camino Series – North Africa

Part Two – North Africa: A while ago I went to Monte Camino In Italy, with my parents to visit the site of a World War Two battle in which my maternal grandfather, Eric Causey was injured. On my return I made a series of panels telling the story of his war experience. They will be shown in the Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery over the Remembrance Day weekend 2016.  I wrote about Part one  of the series – Home, London, yesterday.

Italy ( from the Monte Camino Series) 60 x 40 cm
Italy ( from the Monte Camino Series) 60 x 40 cm

The story continues.. The Scots guards were shipped out from London to North Africa. The main action in the North African Campaign was just coming to an end and from my research it seems that this time would have been relatively calm and maybe even boring for the soldiers who would have had a long sea journey and ended up in a hot strange country, far from family, and in my Grandfather’s case, his new found love, Dorothy, later to become my Grandmother.

This panel shows his feet static, waiting, the colours reflecting the desert heat and the free flowing aesemic writing reflecting his easily written letters home.

My Granny had  met my grandfather in London before his departure and had spent time with him. She wrote about it for me saying,

 We had evenings out to various picture houses and, of course, dance halls. We did have one of two Sundays together to explore the London parks. I remember one day well. The weather was dry and sunny – sky almost cloudless, We made our way to Golders’s Green and Hampstead area and along with many other strollers ended up on Parliament Hill  able to look down over the City. Suddenly we received some unexpected entertainment. An Air Raid alarm sounded and before we could blink we were watching a dog fight between German Bombers and our fighters. We saw one bomber drop from the skies with plenty of fire and smoke.”

However, just after that she received a short notice  posting to an aerodrome in the North East and had to leave Grandad in London not knowing he would soon ship out himself. Of that time she wrote.

“From that time on life was rather drab as I missed that handsome Corporal so much. However, war-time was upon us and we had to obey orders.”

Read on tomorrow for the next instalment!

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