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It was a good start this morning. I woke up to find that I had a new book published that I knew nothing about! Well, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. I knew the idea was in the pipeline but I had no idea it actually existed as a book. Let me explain.

Cover of Colorplay book
New Colorplay book

I started my art career as a result of my now good friend Diane Perin asking if I would join in an art quilting group online. The resulting Twelve by Twelve group had twelve artists from six countries and three continents and was intended as a sort of play and development group for fun. It very quickly took off and ended up as a group of artists exhibiting twelve by twelve inch art repeatedly all over the world. Several other groups making twelve inch textile art were formed by people inspired by the original Twelve by Twelve group.

We published our first book via Lark and its still available for purchase. This is a full size glossy book with lots of text about our journey and featured the first 144 pieces we made in our Theme series. My husband earned the nickname Thirteen for his astounding ability to sell copies at the Festival Of Quilts!

twelve by twelve – the first book


We then went on to do another 144 pieces in our Colorplay series (Don’t mind the spelling. I got outvoted by Americans!) and a smaller series of 60 quilts in a different format to mark the year 2012. At that point we decided to go on to work as individual artists although we still visit each other when travelling and maintain our yahoo email group.

At some point there was discussion about a second book. The majority did not want to do another full text coffee table book so it was suggested we produce more of a catalogue of the 144 Colorplay quilts. .Terry Grant volunteered to use her graphic design experience to produce it. There was desultory talk of it being in progress when I was in the States in August but nothing further. After quite some time, and no doubt a lot of work on her part, there was apparently a set of emails in the last day or so, saying it was done and discussing how we would use the residue of our group funds to pay for printing.

Only, for technological reasons I have yet to investigate, I never got those emails. So I awoke this morning to an email from the ever efficient Brenda Gael Smith saying, ‘Is this still the best address?’ and setting out my home address. ‘Best for what?’ I asked. ‘Best for sending our book.’

Book, what book?!

So it is now with eager anticipation that I look forward to my copy arriving.
It was primarily published as a record for us as a group but it is equally available to the public on Amazon should you fancy a copy.


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