Painting Jerusalem doors

When I was in Jerusalem a couple of weeks ago I fell in love with the battered, scratched and graffiti daubed metal doors of the old city shops. I decided have ago at painting one of them, aiming not for an exact replica but a generalised impression. Now, bear in mind, that I haven’t got a clue how you are supposed to paint a canvas with acrylics. I’m a textile artist. I’ve never done that before. I happened to have one lying around that I had previously painted with grey acrylic with a view to mounting a quilt onto it. so, I popped that on an easel and set to. You may have seen the finished piece on my Facebook feed:
But I thought you might like to see the various stages it went to to get to that. Please note, I am not saying this how you SHOULD paint. I am saying this, in my clueless state of ‘lets do this and see what happens’ got to  the end result. I didn’t photograph every stage but you get most of the stages in this series of shots. As the lights changed over the two days I did this the colour on the photos became more or less accurate but the finish photo is dead accurate as to colour – the darker shots are the faulty ones.

It started with some collaged paper. Because, why not?….

I has some idea about dividing a panel into segments like my Jerusalem photo collages but it wasn’t working

So I splotched paint on with a credit card.

and added some graffiti and text and overpainted.

and dribbled watery paint off a household decorating brush

and over painted it and got bland.

Somewhere in between these two photos I added more collage and some fibre paste  to get texturally interesting bland colour. then I remembered that Golden hansa yellow medium paint will enliven anything. Eventually after much messing I got this. But I didn’t know what to do with it next. So I went to bed.

I woke up thinking. It’s a door. Paint a door, Numskull.

Shadows and depth were added. and graffiti.


and some white paint rubbed in and eventually I got to this…


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