What’s in my Pocket? November 2015

It's time for my monthly feature sharing some of the interesting articles I saved in Pocket, the read-later- app together with a random image from my iPhone photography collection.

Here are what female chefs look like in the eyes of artists. Seeing how other people creatively interprets a theme is always fascinating and if it can be combined with food, we'll all the better. These portraits are not all what you might expect, even including outdoor abstract sculpture.

Essential Indian spices. Speaking of food, I keep vowing to learn more about my favourite cuisine but also the aruvedic properties of spices. This article is a good place to start if you share my thirst to know what the properties of different spices are.

Chefs work nasty hours in the kitchen and they are so often driven by a sheer passion for their creativity and for food. This article 'Lady Gaga and a life of passion' looks at what it is to live a life of passion and finishes with a challenging question for you to ask yourself.

I saved the interview with Diane Nunez about her Tinkers quilt because I was captivated by the unusual and creative presentation of the textile part and this piece about the photographer who shoots the top rappers in the world for the candid photographs but also the way in which he wangled his opportunities to make his art.

I hope some of these articles inspire you too.



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