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My studio has been an activity free zone for nearly two-weeks now. I was in a rear end shunt on the way to work and now have whiplash pain in my neck, shoulders and back. My next big studio task is to quilt a graffiti quilt but even the easy task of basting it on my work table hurt so for once in my life (and only because I desperately want this to be better for my holiday to Australia and Bali) I have decided to be sensible and not force things. The positive flip side of this is that I have been able to watch a lot of photography instruction videos whilst in hot baths by propping my iPhone by the sink, so at least I can make progress with my learning.

Thread on quilt

But what to blog about here when there is no art? Well, one thing I can do whilst lying down with a hot water bottle (OK, I will knock off with the sympathy seeking now!) is play on the iPad and I decided to review some of the articles I had put into Pocket, the read later app. I thought you might like to see a random few of the many, many ( too many) links I have in my Pocket, which pretty much reveal what my life is about!

I saved this post from Stephanie Redfern because the pictures of the scattered papers were so luscious and reminded me that I need to do more collage design work

Thomas Hawk wrote this intriguing article about Ello, a social network I had never heard of and meant to check out. But still haven’t. That’s tonight’s task then.

After four years of house renovation we are almost finished and now putting the final touches to the newly patioed garden with furniture and plants. The design is very much more outdoor living space than the country-style garden we destroyed so I thought this display unit like new greenhouse cabinet design found by Gardenista might be just the thing.

This interview with the author of a novel about three generations of artists was a total surprise to me. I have no recollection of seeing it before but I think the novel looks like just what I need for my train journey to London on Sunday.

I need to find a better way to store digital recipes ( I recently got an email about a new service called Gathered Table run by someone who worked at the now defunct Springpad, my previous tool of choice. But it’s not what I need. I may be forced to use Evernote but surely there is something more visually appealing out there?) . Meanwhile Pocket is holding such gems as Smitten Kitchen’s Charred Cauliflower quesadillas, an apple and rosemary buttermilk quick bread, and Thru My Kitchen’s beetroot and feta muffins. Plus, lest you think I only hoard healthy recipes, one for decadent cake batter hot chocolate.

Mind food comes in the form of this article about why executive coaching works and this one on the neuroscience of good coaching. And talking of mind food, Ipad users may want to check out the Newstand app for a great New Zealand magazine called MindFood.

Finally there are many, many technical photography articles but this one showing the stories and photos of displaced immigrants should be of interest even to non photographers.

What do you have in your pocket? Why not recommend a link for me to read in the comments below?


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